Friday, October 16, 2009

Enlarged Inguinal Lymph Node After Heart Cath

Oysho & my new partner

We have again the weekend here, mine it is quite calm because I have had a considerable cold ...
The other day I finally called the store CASA that happened to get my long awaited companion outfits ...

This sweet wrought iron mannequin head haunted me for several months and when I finally decided to buy and were not in store, so I had to wait a mesecillo and Wednesday they called me to come and collect. Pictured
I can see it already in its current location, in a corner of my room, drawing on the wall was painted by my friend (the same as me photos of head, all an artist!)

My look today is simple and convenient for a routine work day ...
  • Shirt: Primark (SS07).
  • Cardigan: Pull & Bear (SS09). Leopard
  • jeans: Zara (AW 08).
  • Dancers: Str (AW08).
  • Pendant: Oysho (AW 09).
As I commented in the previous post wanted to dedicate a huequecito Oysho in the post today.
this summer and we saw as the "street clothes" and allowances earned him land to the traditional "Linen" typical of this brand. Although still classified Oysho their clothes as "Homewear" seems to me that many of the garments are ideal for use on a daily basis and not just for bedtime clothes and accessories ... They have very sweet and comfortable.

These are some of the necklaces to be found. I have bought the cage with the dove and the bow (5.99 €).
As you can see are sportswear and neutral tones or pastels.
as raincoats or knitwear.
lumberjack shirts, the Claritas box I love it!
Monkey black satin is lovely!
O ensembles innocent ...
Although a more limited way we can also find footwear:
And here some pictures of the catalog AW 09/10.



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